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Fraud Protection/Online Security

Please remember that we will never send you a text, email, phone call, or mail asking you to give us your personal, secure information in any of these ways. If you ever receive a request that looks like it is from us asking for your personal information or login credentials, please do not respond and contact your local branch directly.

Consumer Fraud Information

Money Wiring Scams (FTC.GOV)

Fake Check Scams (FTC.GOV)

Check Washing and Theft (ABA.COM)

Tech Support Scams (ABA.COM)

Imposter Scams Infographic (ABA.COM)

Phone Scams (FTC.GOV)

Money Mule Infographic (FTC.GOV)

Peer to Peer Payment Scams (ABA.COM)

Report Fraud - Protect your Community by Reporting Fraud, Scams and Bad Business Practices (FTC.GOV)

Phishing Scams

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams (FTC.GOV)

Online Security

Chatting with your kids about online security (FTC.GOV)

Chatting with your kids about online security-Spanish (FTC.GOV)