Growing Generations Together


Our Commitment

Founded in and focused on rural communities, Bank of Eastern Oregon continues to partner with local government, local schools, non-profits, and other organizations to make our small towns and cities better places to live. We know that investing in our communities contributes to the growth and longevity of our rural markets and that these investments are important to the long-term growth of the Bank itself.

In addition to financial support for worthy activities, the Bank provides hundreds of paid volunteer hours which staff members use to provide volunteer service to the organizations they wish to support. Whether serving on local boards or lending a helping hand, you will often find a willing smile and commitment from your local bankers.

Bank of Eastern Oregon sponsors a variety of annual youth programs through services such as the Spirit Card program that generates income for local high school associated student bodies, financial literacy programs for high school and elementary school students, 4-H and FFA student livestock sales, and many, many others. Since 2018 the Bank has invested, through contributions, over $350,000 in our communities and over 2,500 hours of service to more than 200 organizations in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington.

Bank of Eastern Oregon was founded with the mission to support our local businesses who keep our communities growing. During these unprecedented times, we remain dedicated to reaching out to those in our communities who needed a helping hand, and we will continue to do so.

College Scholarships

For over 25 years Bank of Eastern Oregon has awarded annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors, who will be majoring in Agriculture or Business in college. Students located in any of the areas where we have branches can apply. In 2021 scholarships were awarded to students from 16 different areas of eastern Oregon and eastern Washington.

2020 donations were over one hundred five thousand dollars.
First quarter donations are over 33 thousand.