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We are Bank of Eastern Oregon

We are committed to rural communities and our loan focus is Agriculture and Main Street. We offer agricultural products tailored to your needs, including loans for seasonal operating expenses, equipment, livestock, and farmland. Business products include commercial real estate and commercial lines for businesses large and small. We proudly serve our rural communities and customers, offering a full line of both personal and business banking products and home construction and mortgage products


Bank of Eastern Oregon among Nation's Top Performing Agricultural Lenders

Bank of Eastern Oregon has been named one of the country’s top agricultural lenders in 2024 by the Independent Community Bankers Association (ICBA). BEO ranks 18th on the list of community banks with $300 million to $1 billion in assets and is the only Pacific Northwest Bank based agricultural lender on this list. The article in Independent Banker magazine includes photos of BEO personnel visiting Painted Hills Natural Beef in Fossil, Oregon; a customer who has been with BEO for over 15 years. “Community institutions like the Bank of Eastern Oregon are in the agricultural space for the long haul,” said Jeff Bailey, President and Chief Executive Officer of BEO. “Agricultural lending isn’t just a sideline opportunity that we’re going to get in and out of. In fact, the community bank takes its responsibility to support rural communities-of which agriculture is a large part very seriously. It’s not just a line of business; it is our business,” Bailey added.

Bank of Eastern Oregon among Nation's Top Performing Community Banks

Bank of Eastern Oregon has been named one of the top-performing community banks of 2023, by Capital Performance Group and American Banker. BEO is ranked 13th nationally in the list of 20 top-performing publicly traded banks with under $2 billion in assets. Capital Performance Group completes the ranking using data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. “These banks usually best their colleagues in a variety of financial metrics, such as loan growth, revenue and efficiency,” said American Banker. Banks in this top group actually recorded gains in their core deposits last year, despite declining industry averages. BEO’s three-year average for Return on Average Equity for 2021-2023 was 19.59%. Jeff Bailey, president and CEO of Bank of Eastern Oregon says “We are extremely pleased with the recognition in American Banker magazine. This is testimony to the dedication of our employees and the tremendous support of our customer base. We are proud of our track record, serving eastern Oregon, southeastern Washington and southwest Idaho communities for nearly 80 years. We are delighted to be the only bank in the Pacific Northwest that can make the claim of being in the top 20 community banks in the country,” concluded Bailey.

We are Proud to be a Community Bank!

A community bank is a depository institution that is typically locally owned and operated. Community banks focus on the needs of the businesses and families where the bank holds branches and offices. Lending decisions are made by lenders who understand the local needs of families, businesses, farms and ranches. We live in the communities we serve and many of us were born and raised there. We are proud to serve the rural communities of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Are you Ready to Build a House or Remodel?

Contact our friendly local team for information. We offer an in-house draw process for your builder and local in-house inspections. You can borrow money as needed throughout the term of the loan and permanent financing is available.
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Fraud and Scam Awareness

Imposter scams often begin with a call, text message or email. The scams may vary but work the same way-a scammer pretends to be someone you trust, often a government agent, family member, or someone who promises to fix your computer-to convince you to send them money or share personal information. Scammers may ask you to wire money, put money on a gift card, or send cryptocurrency, knowing these types of payments can be hard to reverse. For more tips go to

Please remember that we will never send you a text, email, phone call, or mail asking you to give us your personal, secure information in any of these ways. If you ever receive a request that looks like it is from us, asking for your personal information or login credentials, please do not respond and contact your local branch directly. Here are some of our latest tips on preventing fraud. Tips to Prevent Fraud.

Take the American Bankers Association Banks Never Ask That! Fraud Prevention quiz. It's a fun way to learn how to keep your accounts secure!

Our History

Founded in 1945 by Farmers and Ranchers who saw a need for Banking Services in Rural Areas. We remain Independent and are Committed to the success of our Rural communities. We are deeply rooted in Agriculture and we love being a part of 
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