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We are Bank of Eastern Oregon

With a commitment to rural communities and a focus on Agriculture and Main Street, we offer products tailored to your needs, including loans for seasonal operating expenses, equipment, livestock, farmland, commercial real estate, and commercial lines for businesses large and small.  


Are you Ready to Build a House or Remodel?

Contact our friendly local team for information. We offer an
in-house draw process for your builder and local in-house
inspections. You can borrow money as needed throughout
the term of the loan and permanent financing is available.
Our Mortgage Team Leaders

Bank of Eastern Oregon is proud to be a community bank!

A community bank is a depository institution that is typically locally owned and operated. Community banks focus on the needs of the businesses and families where the bank holds branches and offices. Lending decisions are made by lenders who understand the local needs of families, businesses, farms and ranches.

Our History

Founded in 1945 by Farmers and Ranchers who saw a need for Banking Services in Rural Areas.

We remain Independent and are Committed to the success of our Rural communities. We are deeply rooted in Agriculture and we love being a part of Growing Your Generations Together.

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