Commitment to our Community



Investing in our Communities

Bank of Eastern Oregon's reputation for leadership and community commitment just continues to grow.  Whether we're pledging money for a new library, volunteering for city cleanup or joining a planning committee, giving time, money, and effort comes second nature to Bank of Eastern Oregon and staff ~ we invest in the communities we serve and that's because we live and work in these communities, too!  Bank of Eastern Oregon has been sponsoring community events and cultural arts programs, along with funding municipal projects and providing financing for healthcare districts since 1945.  Education also remains a top priority.  BEO has been donating funds to daycare centers, reading programs, and community school districts for a very long time.  Agriculture and business scholarships have been awarded to 20 graduating high school seniors every June.  2013 marks the 21st year BEO will award the scholarships.  In a nutshell, taking care of family, friends, and customers is a top priority to Bank of Eastern Oregon. 

Bank of Eastern Oregon has been serving eastern Oregon agricultural communities since 1945!

Community Events

Bank of Eastern Oregon sponsors many local community events during the year and as small communities go, many of the Bank's employees are right in the middle of these events volunteering their time and efforts.  The Watermelon Festival in Irrigon, the Wee Bit O'Ireland celebration in Heppner, Car Shows in Arlington and Prairie City, County Fairs & Rodeos ~ to name a few ~ are some of the events Bank of Eastern Oregon sponsors in one way or another.  On behalf of our area Chambers of Commerce and businesses, Bank of Eastern Oregon invites you to visit our Great Eastern Oregon Rugged Country any time!

For more event information in our areas of business, please visit the Chamber, or the city/county websites.