Business Banking

Bank of Eastern Oregon knows business banking.  Our banking teams are here to help you select the services you need at reasonable prices.  From full electronic account management to hands-on in the branch service, we’re the business banking experts.  Stop by your local branch today!

Business Account Overview

Each of our business accounts can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.   Take a few minutes and allow our branch team to review your deposit, lending, and transaction needs and we’ll set up the accounts and services you’ll need to accomplish your goals.  We listen and respond.

If you are fee sensitive, we’ll build your accounts around an analysis product to minimize fees; if you are rate sensitive, we’ll focus on return on investment.  And if you’re both, we’ll structure a package that delivers the services you need at a price you can afford.

Every Bank of Eastern Oregon Business Account has a $100 minimum opening balance requirement and comes with the following services:

  • Business Debit Card with no annual fee.
  • Free 24-hour online banking.
  • Free 24-hour telephone banking.
  • Surcharge Free access to BEO and MoneyPass ATM Machines.
  • Free night depository service.
  • Online statements, check images, and activity download to your PC.
  • Annual CD-ROM of statements, check images, deposit slips, notices and deposited items. Free – if you elect to receive your statement electronically – just ask us how!  If you need the paper statement, this service is available for a fee.
  • Quarterly Tune-Up:  our relationship managers review your accounts quarterly to make sure you are getting the best use of your money.  If we think a change would be beneficial to you, we contact you and let you know what we think.

Special Services for Special Needs

  • Remote Deposit Capture allows you to bank from your office or home.  All you need is a PC and an internet connection and with our remote scanner you can do your banking right where you are, right up until closing time!
  • Cash Ordering, Collection and Delivery Services – for convenience or security, Bank of Eastern Oregon can arrange for your cash deposits and deliveries to be made by armored courier.  And at a reasonable cost.
  • Night depositories are available at every branch.  Use it, it’s secure and it’s free!

Non-Profit Business Banking

Designed for clubs, associations, religious, and social organizations with little volume and activity. E-statements are required; a $3 monthly statement fee will be assessed if a paper statement is required. A $100 deposit is required to open this account. Processing up to 25 debits (including checks written) or 50 items deposited per statement cycle. For volumes over these limits, your account may be considered for the Business Short Form account. No monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirement.

Free 24-hour online banking, free 24-hour telephone banking, free image safekeeping, ATM/Debit card with no annual fee upon approval; free access to BEO ATM machines and MoneyPass ATM’s ($1.00 charge for use at a foreign ATM in addition to applicable surcharge at ATM location).

Business ATM/Debit limits: You may withdraw up to a maximum of $500.00 (if there are sufficient funds in your account) per day. You may purchase up to a maximum of $3,500.00 worth of goods and services per day, exclusive of ATM withdrawals.

Business Interest 

Designed for entities that want the flexibility of checking with an account that earns interest.  You must maintain a $1,000 daily minimum ledger balance to avoid the monthly account maintenance service charge of $10.  Interest is paid monthly.  Interest rate may change daily. Business Interest accounts qualify for Image Statements where copies of checks are provided in serial order.

If usage is greater than 100 debits, 50 deposits, or 300 deposited items per statement cycle, you should consider the Business Short Form account with a sweep option.

Business Short Form 

This account is designed for business accounts with small volume.  There is a $10 monthly service charge that can be offset through a credit per $100 of average collected balance at statement cycle.  If usage is greater than 100 debits, 40 deposits, or 300 deposited items per statement cycle, a per-item fee will be assessed for each item in each limit that is exceeded.  Per item charges may also be offset by the average collected balance credit. Business Short Form accounts qualify for Image Statements where copies of checks are provided in serial order.

Business Long Form 

Business Long Form is designed for high volume business accounts or for those who utilize many services and carry solid balances.  Analysis gives you the flexibility to pay for the services you use through an earnings credit based on the collected balance in your qualifying accounts.  Business Long Form accounts qualify for Image Statements where copies of checks are provided in serial order.

Using our Business Sweep service, you improve earnings by moving excess balances to an interest bearing investment account.  To see and calculate fees that would apply to your transactional usage, please pull up the Analysis Analyzer to compare your current Bank charges to Bank of Eastern Oregon (ours will be less!).

Bank of Eastern Oregon gives your Business Long Form account an earnings credit equal to the 90-day T-Bill rate times the available balances in your qualifying accounts at statement cycle.  Use this credit to offset your monthly service charges.  Your net service charge, if any, is posted to your account on the 10th day after cycle.

Business Money Market 

Earn interest on your money while enjoying the flexibility of having access to your funds.  An average collected monthly balance of $2,500 is required to avoid a service charge; $10 service charge if daily balance drops below $2,500.  Interest is paid monthly.  Rates are tiered based on account balance and may change daily.  Up to six (6) third-party withdrawals or pre-authorized transfers per statement cycle, of which three may be by check, plus unlimited withdrawals in person.  Business Money Market accounts qualify for free image safekeeping statements.

Business Sweep Services 

Managing your money is a breeze if you use Bank of Eastern Oregon’s Business Sweep services.  We work with you to set your desired balance limits in each of your deposit accounts and then the sweep service takes over, moving excess deposit balances to earn better rates in a money market account, or paying down an operating line of credit. And visa versa when your deposit balances are low.  Since we settle the sweeps at the end of the business day, you don’t need to manage your cash flow manually.  When that big check or wire hits, the Business Sweep will move just enough funds to your account to maintain your desired balance.  Business Sweeps are great!

For more information on Business and Personal accounts, call 541-676-9125, or your nearest branch.  All service fees are subject to change.  Please contact your New Accounts Representative for current fees and rate information.