Visa Scanner

Merchant Services allows businesses to accept most debit and credit cards for purchases instead of checks or cash. Card purchases are pre-approved at the time of transaction and the merchant avoids the significant risk of loss that comes from dishonored checks and the handling of large amounts of cash. Card purchase deposits are automatic and usually made within a day or two of the transaction, depending on the time the transaction occurred.
Don’t be fooled!  All card processors are not the same. The standard discount rate you are quoted usually covers less than 50% of your credit card transactions. To find your real rate of cost, divide the total monthly fee by the total sales volume; you may be shocked!
We, at Bank of Eastern Oregon, encourage you to provide us with three months of your detailed merchant services statement and along with our long-time partner, Granite Payment Alliance, a reputable national card services provider, will work with you to select the right card processing options to minimize your costs, speed up your deposits, and make the service easy to operate. And if you need a terminal, you’ll get the right terminal for your needs at a reasonable cost.
Watch out!  Never lease a terminal without doing the math. Depending on your circumstances, it’s almost always cheaper (50% or more!) to buy a machine than lease or rent one.
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