To our valued customers: 

Fraud remains an ongoing issue with debit and credit cards in today’s environment, whether it be just a one-time fraud transaction or a more widespread breach.  As with any compromised card/breach, fraudulent transactions may appear in your account.  BEO asks all card customers to monitor their accounts on a regular basis and immediately notify us if any suspicious transactions appear.

BEO continues to take steps to mitigate fraud where possible, restricting certain types of transactions based on location/radius along with other fraud rules we have in place.  If you are traveling or purchasing something that is not in your near vicinity and are being denied please notify us so we can edit your settings to ensure you don’t experience issues with your card.  If you see fraudulent activity on your account, notify us immediately. BEO has a ‘no risk guarantee’ to protect you from fraudulent debit card usage, and we will credit your account pending any investigation required, BUT you must do your part and monitor your account activity and give us timely notice of transactions you did not perform.  If you know you will be traveling out of the area and especially out of the country please notify us so we can put a note on your card and also so we can help ensure our restrictions don’t affect your card usage.

If we’re concerned about the validity of one of your debit card transactions, you may receive an automated call or text from our Fraud Detection Department (or, in some cases, a letter).  If you do, validate your identity by verifying the last four digits of your Social Security number.  You will then be asked to confirm transactions.  

By providing us with your cell phone number and any phone number changes, you can rest assured knowing we are looking out for your security.  The numbers to our Fraud Detection Department (PRISM) are 1.800.889.5280 or 513.900.4000 – please answer if you get a call or text from one of these numbers.  

Thanks for reading this notice. If you have any additional questions please speak to your local branch staff.