Important Information for BEO’s Debit Card Holders:  

Effective January 28th, 2013 BEO is changing debit card processors. On that date you must begin using your new BEO Scenic MASTERCARD debit card which you will have received in the past week!  The change does not affect your BEO credit card, only debit cards.

The following are important dates to remember:  

  • January 10, 2013: PINs will be mailed to you & will arrive within 7-10 days


  • January 15, 2013:  MASTERCARD DEBIT CARDS will be shipped to you & will arrive within 7-10 days


  • Beginning January 21, 2013:   Call 877.723.5999 to activate your card; Call 877.267.6941 to change or personalize your PIN  


  • January 28, 2013:  The Conversion from current processor (VISA) to new processor (MASTERCARD) will happen early in the morning.  Please ensure your new MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD is activated and then DESTROY your old BEO VISA DEBIT CARD. Start using your new MasterCard!

We know change can be a difficult thing. Our team is working diligently to make the conversion as simple as possible for our customers.  We know every customer, our staff included, will need to change some bill pay and purchase information we have on file with some companies, and we are sensitive to the annoyance this can cause. To help alleviate this, we've worked to have the new cards in customer hands 7-10 days before the January 28th effective date and avoided a weekend conversion when most transaction are conducted.

Card technology is changing rapidly and many new services are becoming available.  With our current debit card contract set to expire and what we believe our customers will demand from us in the near future, we believe our decision is in the long term best interest of our customers.  Upcoming features include person-to-person funds transfers and purchases through mobile devices, among many more.  We are committed to staying competitive with new products and the changing demands in payment processing for our valued customers.  

Please call 541.676.0201 with any questions.

Thank you for your business!