Our Mission

Bank of Eastern Oregon was established to meet the financial needs of the communities, the businesses, and the citizens it serves.  We will offer products that meet the financial needs of our customers that are consistent with safe and sound banking practices.

Bank of Eastern Oregon's most important asset is its customers.  The Bank's products are designed to meet the needs of our customers and our employees are hired to meet the needs of customers.  High quality customer service is the primary mission of this bank.

Another important asset of the bank is its employees.  Without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible for the bank to render high quality customer service.  All bank employees will be given training and educational opportunities.  All will be given an equal opportunity and a fair wage regardless of race, color, sex, age, or physical condition.

As a percentage of loans, the bank is the #1 Ag bank in the State of Oregon.  Currently, the bank has twelve branch offices located in:  Arlington, Boardman, Burns, Condon, Fossil, Heppner, Ione, Irrigon, John Day, Moro, Prairie City, and Enterprise.  Two loan production offices are located in Hermiston, and Ontario, Oregon.

Bank of Eastern Oregon is in the business to make a profit for its shareholders.  A third mission of this bank is to maximize its sustainable earnings.  We want to maximize the total earnings of the bank over the long term.  This means that a mission for all bank employees is to operate the bank as efficiently as possible.  Efficient operations and quality services are the two missions that will generate the profits expected by the stockholders.

Bank of Eastern Oregon is a responsible citizen and a business leader.  The bank takes its citizenship duties seriously. We will not knowingly take actions that are adverse to the best interests of our communities, their businesses, or their families. We will not make profits at the expense of our citizenship responsibilities.