A Lender with Experience


Thinking about purchasing a new home?

Getting prequalified for a loan is a good place to start.  A mortgage will more than likely be the most important long term financial commitment you will ever make. 

Bank of Eastern Oregon has years of experience in providing the right mortgage for individuals and families.  Our experienced and knowledgeable mortgage lenders are here to walk you through the pre-approval and home buying process.  With a good understanding of your income, savings, and debt load, our mortgage lenders can help you determine the maximum amount you can afford to spend on a new home.  If you already have a certain home picked out, we can help you choose the best program to fit your individual needs.  Your long-term success as a homeowner is our ultimate goal!  


Or, are you thinking about a home equity loan or refinancing?

Sometimes your mortgage no longer fits your personal situation.   The low introductory rate of an adjustable rate mortgage may have risen significantly, which can increase a monthly mortgage payment very quickly.  Or, the equity in your home is increasing very slowly because your rate is too high, which can leave you at risk if you need to sell your home quickly.  Maybe you want to use some of your equity for other things, such as college, vacations, debt consolidations, or a home remodel. 

Mortgage rates are still lower than they have been in many years.  Come talk to one of our mortgage lenders about refinancing your home - a fixed rate or lower rate mortgage may or may not mean a higher monthly payment for you, but knowing the payment will remain the same for the life of your loan can give you peace of mind and allow you to gain the equity you want. 


Or, maybe you're dreaming of building your own home!

The most important decision you can make for the success of your home building project is getting the right construction loan!  Our helpful loan officers have years of experience in providing the right mortgages and construction loans - you benefit by working with a Bank of Eastern Oregon lender - you get more flexibility in your loan and building process; we help you understand the importance of how points, APR, fixed or adjustable rates and length of loan term provide that proper foundation of a construction loan.  Bank of Eastern Oregon can tailor your construction loan specifically to meet your needs. 

There's one more reason you'll like BEO's Mortgage Division ~ *Safeguarding Your Investment.

After several years of record low interest rates and a booming mortgage market, there are more lenders in the business than ever before.  Unfortunately, not all of them are doing well now that rates have risen - and that change could put your home financing in jeopardy if you're not careful.

Over the past few months, there have been more and more cases of lenders being required to shut their doors as they are unable to maintain operations when the refinance business failed.  Customers stand to lose a lot in pre-paid fees, as well as lost time while they are waiting to get into their new home. 

So, how do you *safeguard your investment?  Choosing a lender with a strong history is a good place to start.  Experienced lenders, like Bank of Eastern Oregon, have been through downturns in the market before and are better prepared to see your loan or construction project through to completion.

 Choose Bank of Eastern Oregon ~ we have over 65 years of financial services experience!